In the past 17 years, we have created more than 500 websites. Check out some of the selected references below.

The satisfaction of our customers is the highest priority for us, and our offer also includes a measuring visit, free of charge. Our designers (interior designers) are here to help you choose the best solution for your residential or commercial space. Furthermore, our team of fitters and painters make sure that your vision becomes a reality.

Wooden – aluminum carpentry, wooden furniture CNC and manual production of luxury products from wood and aluminum All our products are made of the highest quality materials with a high degree of precision. Luxurious, modern and high quality, over 20 years of experience, professional approach, innovative methods.

The satisfaction of our customers is in the first place, as part of the offer we also have a free arrival service for taking measures. Our interior designers are here to help you choose the best solution for your residential or commercial space. Also, our team of installers and painters will make sure that your vision is fully realized.

Granit Invest is a company with a long and rich tradition in high quality construction, a revolutionist in the real estate market. A professional approach and the ability to find innovative solutions customised to the specificities of the market are our recipe for success.

PONS is one of the leading language publishers in Germany. We have been developing high quality green dictionaries and language learning materials for people who are learning and using languages since 1978. The name PONS – Latin for bridges – stands for what we have been doing for centuries: connecting people through languages! We help our users to successfully bridge the gap to other countries and cultures with our digital and print products.

The publishing house “Čarobna knjiga” is guided by the idea of providing the readership with books by the best authors from several fields, all in one place, so that readers have a wide choice and that everyone can choose good book titles according to their preferences. That is why our books are so different – from classical literature, to children’s and genre literature, to books dedicated to healthy life and popular psychology.

From the beginning, Pan Komerc® has continuously expanded its production and land capacities from 2,500 m2 to 2 ha, and production halls from an initial 350 m2 to the current 4,450 m2. The company started with only one employee and now it employs 27 workers. Based on yearly revenues and net assets, Pan Komerc® has been qualified as a medium-sized company since 2004.

During its 25 years of successful business, our company has been dealing with car sales and car servicing for new and used vehicles, constantly improving and expanding its scope of service and offer. Business has been organised according to EU standards. Professionalism, and a high quality business model have positioned Autokomerc as the most successful domestic company in the automotive industry.

Autokomerc rent-a-car offers more than you expect – we measure our success by your satisfaction! Years of experience and professional staff is at your disposal at any time. Here you will find the support and the best solutions for all your needs. Autokomerc Rent-a-car is located near the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, so it’s easy to find when you’re arriving in or departing from Belgrade.

We are guided by the idea that the quality of our service is what sets us apart from the competition. It sounds like a cliché, but our clients truly are the highest priority for us, and that can be best seen by how we treat them and what benefits we offer them in the form of the advantages of cooperation with us.

Guardian protec d.o.o. was founded with the aim of offering car security systems with lock profiles specifically designed for car protection, in cooperation with the world’s strongest company in the field of security locks, ASSA ABLOY, for the first time.

AVACO rent-a-car is the biggest domestic car rental company that has been renting cars for 17 years now. If you are travelling for business or pleasure and you need a car during your trip, or you need it to drive to an exclusive location, AVACO rent-a-car Belgrade is there to answer all your needs.

SAFE rent-a-car is a new company on the Serbian market, with an experienced team of professionals in the field of rent-a-car service for individual renters and for corporate clients. You can find us in two locations. City centre, Cara Nikolaja II 39, Vračar, and at the Belgrade Airport Terminal.

Sectoral Investment Holding Ltd. is a holding company; its subsidiaries offer a wide range of services to clients and partners who want absolute reliability and excellent quality. Their operations range from car rental and coach sales to glass repairs and leasing. We operate in 9 countries in Central and South-East Europe.


Atelier Kaštelet

What makes the art gallery a member of an exclusive group of the best galleries in the world? There is no simple answer to this question; however, there are points on which we may all agree. Unlike art museums, art galleries are used for commercial purposes. For example, “wildly popular”, “prominent”, “trend-setting” and “turning heads” are adjectives that denote a place that is the epitome of admiration for art.

The motor yacht Casino Royale exemplifies the Predator principle with a narrow hull form for higher speeds and agility. M/Y Casino Royale’s minimal superstructure and arrow-head foredeck arrangement enhances her performance, proven with 45 knots achieved thanks to her 7300PS, triple Arneson surface drive option. Aside from the motor yacht Casino Royale’s top performance, the yacht’s design also places importance on luxury, comfort and timeless elegance.

Dr Urošević is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 15 years of experience. His special interest is ear reconstruction. Dr Vlahović is a children’s surgeon and plastic and reconstructive specialist with 18 years of experience. He is an Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade Medical Faculty.

Makeup House is studio specialized in providing services of professional make-up and hair styling founded in Belgrade in 2011. We are a team that works in a studio in Belgrade downtown, but we’re also mobile – doing many creative projects on the ground, both with individual and corporate customers

We engage in luxury apartment rental in Zlatibor. This year, we have reached the number of 40 apartments that are occupied from 150 to 200 days during the year, which means from 7,000 to 10,000 satisfied guests per year. Our goal is for guests to be satisfied with their accommodation and service, which is testified by a large number of returning guests.

PLANET Gym & Fitness is a fitness centre with modern equipment, adapted for the most diverse workouts and the most diverse fitness needs of exercisers, as well as to the individual physical fitness of each member, of both sexes. PLANET Gym & Fitness offers a large selection of group workouts, as well as constantly present friendly staff who are always available. The fitness instructors and trainers at PLANET Gym & Fitness are professionals with many years of coaching experience, and specialised in particular types of exercises.

We strive to keep up with new trends, while at the same time remaining true to our core qualities. We are synonymous with safety, reliability and quality in the construction sector. Our main goal is for our customers to be satisfied with the quality of our facilities in every respect, and for the purchase of our residential or business spaces, to enable them to live and work in the environment in the way they want.

Termo Mobil is a company that was established in 2001 as “Autodijagnostik szr Veselin Jeremić” PR, as the first car air conditioning service in Čačak. “Termo Mobil” deals with servicing and installation of transport refrigeration devices on delivery vehicles, and servicing and installation of air conditioners on passenger and freight vehicles, mini buses and buses.

Mega was established in 1992. Mega is a strong and recognisable brand in the curtains industry. Curtains and drapes, wall coverings, and zebra and roll curtains manufactured according to the wishes and measurements of the buyer. We also offer rapid delivery for specific requirements. After all these years, our primary goal is still to serve those who appreciate the aesthetics and quality of the products.

Cloud media is a team of young and ambitious people who can help you improve your business through the latest and most effective forms of internet marketing. We specialise in creating and tracking Google AdWords campaigns, and are a certified Google Premier Partner for Serbia. was established in the year 2002 in Belgrade, Serbia, out of a small local architecture studio, and has grown to become a region-leading enterprise with approximately 200 employees and a focus set on architecture and design, as well as construction services.

We are engaged in designing, engineering and trade in the field of lighting, as well as the procurement, distribution and installation of light management systems, telecommunications and signalling equipment, and electrical accessories and smart home systems.

High quality of products being represented and distributed, as well as professional and dedicated customer service. A careful selection of products, solid representation contracts with foreign partners, years of experience.

A healthy diet, keeping the immune system strong and healthy, and controlling stress, can help the body cope with the negative aspects of modern and fast-paced everyday life.

REFIX, MORE THAN WATER! REFIX is a natural recovery drink made with seawater, Lugo spring water, natural lemon juice and stevia. REFIX – recovery drink made with high quality natural ingredients from the Costa da Morte, Galicia, Spain. REFIX – a natural drink that incorporates all the properties of seawater.

Production of neon signs and high quality Plexiglas products. We are specialised in the production of unique Plexiglas solutions (acrylic, extruded acrylic). Neon signs, voting boxes, call-boxes, displays, stands and holders…

Providing services in the installation of HVAC equipment and fittings, heating, cooling and air conditioning, as well as servicing, commissioning and installation of equipment, production and designing of HVAC parts.

Leading producer of refurbished concrete poles for anti-hail nets in South-East Europe. Through direct cooperation with end users, we want to become the main support for farmers when it comes to the safety of their orchards and vineyards.

Let us introduce you to the INNOLIFT Mobile Cargo Loader. The most important feature is that the INNOLIFT Portable Forklift is a lift loader that lifts itself into the delivery vehicle. If you have the INNOLIFT, you don’t need to carry separate pallet jacks, carts or dollies, or need anyone else to help you out.

ENERGIZE doo bases its business on the principle of considering investments as its own – considering each investment through total ownership costs (TCO principle) as a mandatory component of the investment evaluation, whilst providing an investment service life of 25 years. We want to make sure that our clients and partners have the highest level of quality equipment and services.


IQ Initiative for quality learning

The Association IQ Initiative for Quality Learning is a non-governmental and non-profit association, established for an indefinite period to provide support to educators and teachers, preschool institutions and schools in the realization of the educational and educational process, especially in reaching/achieving the goals of education and upbringing and achieving outcomes learning.

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